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Public Testimonials

"When my students find out that we are going to Muddy Boots - they are ALWAYS excited! They also keep asking, "When are we going back?" and "Are we going today?". That speaks volumes as to how learning, nature and engagement are interconnected! Muddy Boots is one of the best places to visit to reconnect and learn with nature."

Sylvie Poirier / Florenceville Elementary School - Teacher


"I have made several visits to Muddy Boots with my classes. The Ducks Unlimited group does an excellent job providing programs and pointing out interesting features at Muddy Boots for the students.  We have done critter dipping in the waterway, team building games, and birdwatching. There are several types of birds in the habitat, and students enjoy seeing the eagles flying over the river. On a personal note, I slow down and check out Muddy Boots on my way to school each morning. Last Fall, I was able to see a great blue heron in the water and get some photos of it."

Marjorie Hewson  /   Florenceville Elementary School - Teacher


Teena Bishop  /   Florenceville Elementary School - Teacher

"So many incredible things are happening at Muddy Boots! Schools within our communities are engaging in various programs delivered by Ducks Unlimited and Fallsbrook Centre directly here! To have such a space in our own backyard is important and incredible!"


Laurea Shaw  /   Florenceville Elementary School - Teacher

"Last spring my grade 4 class at FES enjoyed weekly learning excursions to the Muddy Boots Wetland Site. Students had the opportunity to take part in a variety of hands-on learning experiences.  They learned about hardwood and softwood trees, as they each selected their own species and conducted weekly observations, which they sketched in their field journals. The students were amazed to see the changes in their trees from week to week. They collected tree data, which involved measuring and recording in a chart. These young naturalists enjoyed critter dipping, bird watching and land preservation discussions with our guides Darrell and Mary Turnbull."

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